I graduated from Goldsmiths’ College of Art in 2002. I lived and worked in London, Berlin, Rome, Toronto and Montreal. I had work screened as part of Raindance Film Festival in London, Cannes Short Film Corner in France and Directors’ Lounge Festival, in Berlin, more recently this year closing the 10th festival. For two years, since 2011 I was the artistic director of a non-profit new media art space 129 Gallery in Berlin’s Neukölln. I recently worked as Production Manager on actor Crispin Glover’s new untitled 35mm feature film and Produced and worked as 1st AD on Thorsten Fleisch’s Experimental Debut Feature Film. In 2019 I had completed my debut feature film “Gelateria” with co-director Christian Serritiello, the film played at international film festivals and won a “Grand Prix” award at Kinolikbez International Film Festival in St Petersburg.  The film has been critically acclaimed and has received many good reviews from reputable publications and is available online to stream. In 2021 I curated a summer group show entitled “Embark” which was housed on an abandoned ship opposite the Berlin Wall and featured Christian Jankowski and 14 other berlin based artists. I have exhibited internationally and currently reside in Berlin.

Artist Statement

“Who was actually pushing the switch? I was, but he kept insisting. I told him “No, ” but he said you got to keep going. I told him it’s time we stopped… Why didn’t you just stop? He wouldn’t let me. I wanted to stop. I kept insisting to stop, but he said “No…” Why didn’t you just disregard what the experimenter said? He says it’s got to go on, the experiment.”
(Milgram 1965, 128-9)

My Work explores hidden aspects in the relationship between individuals and medicine and contrariwise the secret motivations of medical actions and rituals. Though medicine in our society is mainly seen as something positive, I am interested in those small moments and gestures, where we can peel back the layers to look behind the facade.
To enable these situations to develop I am constructing a very precise atmospheric feel in the film, by the use of clinical equipment, technology, costumes that create a realistic component, which is in calculated contradiction to the places, that could be nowhere or everywhere. The room is ambiguously empty or dark, or it could be happening outside on the Street, so you can imagine the pieces as staged, either in the theatre on the one side or as nightmares on the other.

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